Alene Gabriel, Founder

CPCC, BA in Psychology, background in consumer research

Some stories have an “Aha!” moment that creates jagged turns, and others journey along like a lazy river, winding gently but flowing steadily.  Mine is somewhere in between.

Overlooking the Cliffs of Moher

Overlooking the Cliffs of Moher

I have always lived my life “on track.”  I went through school making good grades, playing sports after school, following the rules and being “a good kid.”  I went to college, finished in 3.5 years (thank you AP classes!) and got a job right out of college.  I paid my Visa bill in full each month, fed and clothed myself, built a little savings nest, and never missed a rent payment.  I was, by most definitions, a shining example of an accomplished young lady.

Fast forward about a decade of being in the working world and, by most accounts, an “adult.”  I had achieved what most would agree was a solid degree of success, was making enough money to take care of myself and travel, and largely feeling like I enjoyed my job.  A few folks within my organization started asking some simple and yet utterly complicated questions around our individual purpose.  Why did we show up each day (not just to our job, but in our lives)?  What deeply mattered to us?

After almost two years of noodling on this idea, expanding my mindset to welcome new perspectives on how I view the world (and what impact that has on how I experience my life each day), it had become very clear that a part of what I had been doing for the past decade was what I wanted to focus on:  empowering others to create the lives they want to lead.  I had been doing this all along by mentoring people on my team, helping guide others in ways they wanted to develop, building strong functional teams that had FUN, lending an ear or a shoulder when coworkers or friends hit a bump in the road, and offering different perspectives as they grappled through their journey.

And once I realized it, there was no other suitable path.  Unleashing our powerful leaders within and coaching were the only ways I wanted to move forward.  That bell could not be un-rung.

Today, I seek to empower, engage, and support others as they traverse careers, relationships and adventures in their individual paths.  Allow Blue Sky Coaching to be your co-pilot – there’s no reason to go it alone.