If the why is big enough, the how is easy

Motivation is a tricky thing.  We think it's just a matter of mental fortitude, grit, determination, will power.  And yet, I know many strong, determined individuals who, in some cases, show a surprising lack of motivation to accomplish or fix something.  And it all comes back to the same thing:

If the why is big enough, the how is easy.

And the principle is this: if the thing you want is important enough, getting there is easy.  And when I say "getting there is easy," I don't mean the steps are easy or the road is painless.  In fact, anything worth having or achieving rarely involves an easy journey.  What it means is - figuring out what those steps are and digging in are easy - made so because of how badly you want that thing.

And if they are not easy, if you find yourself procrastinating, putting off those steps, thinking about other inconsequential things instead...you have the opportunity to determine - is this in fact all that important to me?  So important that I will jump in and do the thing I am avoiding?

Asking this simple question may change your life if it can help you determine what is really important versus what might be a seemingly obligatory line item on your to-do list.