Thank you to the Universe

You know those days where you drive around and around and around for a parking spot and nothing is there?  Or you feed the parking meter, only to look up and realize that, due to the weird slant of the parking spot, you actually just fed the meter for the car NEXT to yours?  Yeah, I did that recently.  Oy.

When those things happen, I feel irrationally annoyed and irritated.  Like the Universe is conspiring against me to purposely make my life hard.  Or charge me $2.50 instead of $0.75 for parking, which, D*MMIT, should be FREE!

Until the other night.  I was meeting a friend for dinner and had been going around and around several blocks in increasingly large concentric circles, hoping to find a spot.  And I did.  There was a meter, but hey, I would probably only have to pay for about a half hour's worth of time, and I knew I was going to have to pay anyway.

So I walk up to the meter, which was flashing green, meaning there was time left on it from the prior person.  When I got close enough, I could see that in fact there were enough minutes left to get me to the expiration time on the parking restriction.


And in that moment, I stopped, and realized, things like this happen.  Some days, the lights to work are all green, you get a piece of cake at the office birthday celebration before it even comes close to running out or you find a dollar bill on the ground.  And we happily carry on our way without thinking twice about it.  Yet when things go the other way (my aforementioned donation to the parked car next to me), we curse and think the world is out to get us.

So that night, I took one quiet moment to say thank you to the Universe.  Tonight the tilt was in my favor and I recognize that sometimes things DO go my way.  And I am grateful for the opportunity to notice this.