Being stuck

When I started this blog, I thought - cool, what a great way to write about things that interest me, inspire me, and will allow others to get to know me a little.  Right off the bat, I wrote 3 blog posts and happily sat back.  The rest will come as my life unfolds, I thought.

That was about 1.5 months ago.

Recently, I've been feeling antsy - I want to write so people know who I am!  What is important to me!  And it should be so easy, right?!

I kept trying to think of topics that interested me, inspired me, made me go "huh!", or shoot - just made me think for more than a fleeting thought's ping in my mind.  I thought about making a list of topics I could write about........and when I tried to start that list..........crickets.

I am not the type of person who sits quietly in the corner.  I have something to say.  About everything.  Just ask......well, pretty much anyone who has ever talked to me.  And yet, here I am.  STUCK.  And it finally occurred to me - I could simply talk about what IS.  My stuckness :-)

So here I am, universe - I.AM.STUCK.  I have things to say and things that move me, but today, this week, this month........I am stuck.  Feels good to just say it.

(PS....even as I wrote that last part, I mistyped and wrote "I am suck"......Freudian slip much?)

Stuck like a duck..... Far Side  always seems to know what's up...

Stuck like a duck.....Far Side always seems to know what's up...