Lose your wallet, lose your mind...

I was sleeping in a little later than normal on a Monday morning before work when my house line rang.  Yes, I have a landline.  And a horse and buggy.  Get over it.

Anyway, the phone woke me up, and I was immediately worried – the only people who have the number are my immediate family, and they never use it.  I picked up, half-asleep still, and heard my dad’s voice, gruff and scratchy and I thought – oh boy, this is bad.

He proceeded to tell me that he’d gotten a call from a man who said he had my wallet.  WHAT??!!  This woke me up but I thought – no way, I didn’t lose my wallet!  I bolted out of bed to check my purse…and sure enough, no wallet.  Immediate panic, fear and dread.  All those credit cards!  Cash I’d just gotten from the ATM!  My checkbook!  My license with my address on it!  UGH!  I had visions of being on the phone all day, canceling credit cards, trying to figure out all the automatic payments I had set up on those cards, getting new ones……..oy.

Before I could spiral completely out of control, my dad told me the man (who had found my emergency contact card in the wallet and after trying me, had tried my dad) said it looked like everything was intact – credit cards and whatnot.  I held my breath, hung up with my dad and dialed the number he gave me to call this gentleman.  I got ahold of him right away, he said the same to me – that the wallet looked intact and like it hadn’t been touched – and that I could come pick it up from him that evening when he got back from work.

All day, my emotions swirled – gratefulness at this stranger who had gone to the trouble of finding me and going so far as to call my dad, anxiety at losing something so critical, fear that this was some trap or lure and in fact everything would be messed up, and hope.  A little glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, it would all work out and the universe was bringing my wallet home.

As soon as I knew he was home, I raced to the man’s house to pick up my wallet.  And…it was exactly as he said.  Not a single card out of place.  No missing cash.  Checkbook intact.  I was flooded with relief and intense gratitude.  That evening, I reflected on my good fortune and realized there were a few things I learned from this event:

  • Simplify.  I have way too much crap in my wallet – and my life! – and out of this came a goal to simplify.  Get rid of things.  Shed unnecessary STUFF.  Note:  I am having a garage sale in September!
  • Whether you sweat it or not, things will go exactly as they go.  I spent that day all twisted up and twitterpated about what I might find when I picked up my wallet – and that experience didn’t change at all for all that worrying.
  • There are good people out there walking this earth.  We are so tuned into all the bad stuff that happens and our spidey sense is heightened any time we encounter strangers that we just might be missing the other wonderful souls who are right there next to us, living alongside us, and helping us when we’re down.

What have you taken away from experiences that felt like misfortunes?